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All products are digital downloads. After your purchase you will be able to download your product. No physical CDs will be shipped.


Calm Before Surgery Hypnosis More info

Calm Before Surgery

Charisma Hypnosis More info


Chewing Tobacco Hypnosis More info

Chewing Tobacco

Chocolate Cravings Hypnosis More info

Chocolate Cravings

Cholesterol Hypnosis More info


0407_S_choosebattleswisely.gif More info

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Claustrophobia Hypnosis More info


CD2006-10-S.gif More info


0307_S_coffeeintake.gif More info

Coffee Intake

HCD48-t.gif More info

Compulsive Lying

0407_S_computersessions.gif More info

Computer Sessions

CDcaf.gif More info

Concentration and Focus

HCD61-t.gif More info

Creative Visualization

HCD52-t.gif More info

Dating Confidence

CDhtds.gif More info

Dating Success

deep_vain.gif More info

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

CDes.gif More info


CD2006_8--03-S.gif More info


HCD28-t.gif More info

Discover Your Inner Child

CD2006_2--02-S.gif More info

Discover Your Passion

CD2006_2--01-S.gif More info

Discover Your Perfect Job

Drama Magnet Hypnosis More info

Drama Magnet

0707_S_dyslexiahypnosis.gif More info


CD2006-07-S.gif More info

Ease New House Stress

HCD12-t.gif More info

Ease Stress

CD2006-06-S.gif More info

Eating Carbs

0307_S_gagreflex.gif More info

Eliminate Bad Gag Reflex

HCD38-t.gif More info

Energy Levels

HCD17-t.gif More info

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure & Intimacy

CDpp.gif More info


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